Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Exceeding client expectations is what we strive to accomplish. To do this, we offer unique services at the highest possible standards. We’re equipment crazy, knowing that having the right kit and having the best kit, is absolutely vital in maintaining this level of service.


One commodity which allows Monster Aerial to provide such high quality results to clients, is our equipment. We own and operate the ultimate in all of a UAS’ main components; Camera, Gimbal and Airframe. A combination that allows us to provide simply the best service available. Our in-house RED EPIC cinema cameras provide the pinnacle of image quality; MōVI camera stabilisers for the silkiest, smoothest footage; And the most advanced heavy lifting multi-rotors for precise flight control and absolute safety. We always try to offer our customers that little bit extra value too, with things like our vehicle mounted 40” monitors for live HD viewing. The most important thing is that we offer all of this (RED EPIC’s and all) as standard, on every project, at no extra cost.

Unique Services

Capturing stunning images and cinematic video is at the core of what we do but it doesn’t stop there. For example, we take an already unique service of live HD on site viewing one step further and offer our clients the ability to watch that same live feed from anywhere in the world via internet streaming. We’ve found this to be an invaluable tool for some of our corporate customers, giving them the ability to monitor real time aerial video from their home or office. Our team, together with these unique services can be anywhere in the country within hours of an enquiry, fully kitted out and ready to go!


You’ve probably guessed we are all about quality. Yet we provide quality with value and as a result, our customers come back again and again. We’d love to show you what we can do. Give us a call, we don’t bite..