Monster Aerial

Monster Aerial

A remote aerial imaging company unlike most. Built from a team of passionate and creative professionals, we’re dedicated to providing ultimate quality and total dependability.


​Who We Are

Monster Aerial is the result of an ever increasing demand from the Mulholland Media client base for high quality aerial imagery. We encompass vast experience in the film and photography industry combined with a track record for delivering outstanding results to a long list of high profile clients. This acclaimed background together with a fresh and invigorating approach to business, is proving vital to the success and growth of the Monster Aerial brand.

What We Do

We provide a high quality, low cost solution to aerial filming, photography and surveying by operating cutting edge Unmanned Aerial Systems. These revolutionary flying machines provide the ideal platform for capturing previously unattainable visual images. Our team however, stay focused on whats important; the art and profession that is film making and photography together with the technical knowledge of precise image based surveying. Take a look at our work page to see some of the exciting things we’re doing for our customers.

Why We Do It

Because we love it. We combine our passion, creativity and expertise at every stage of the process to create invaluable results for each and every one of our clients. We strive to demonstrate just how good aerial filming and photography can be; aiming to set the standard for the industry.