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Video & Film

Our bread and butter, we live and breathe aerial filming. We own and operate the latest and greatest equipment available, from RED Epic cinema cameras to the game changing MōVI camera stabiliser. We strive to exceed even the highest expectations, so If you need some aerial filming for any of these applications or if you have something totally different in mind; lets talk!Learn more

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With an acclaimed background of high end professional photography services, the Monster Aerial team never fail to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. We’re always thinking of new uses and applications for aerial photography using UAV’s, but here are just a few of our most common!Learn more

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Live HD broadcast

Offering TV broadcasters, film directors or corporate clients an uncompressed full HD video downlink at near zero latency with a range of up to 600m. View live video in all its HD glory on our vehicle mounted 40” LED displays or have it streamed live to your phone anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless!Learn more

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Giving a cost effective and flexible view for industrial and civil projects in areas which in the past were very labour intensive, not only cutting costs but also reducing risk. Using ultra high resolution video and photography together with sophisticated mapping techniques we are able to deliver a detailed survey for any application. We can provide geo-referenced orthomosaic images and topographical 3D models as well as standard high resolution images and video to give our clients a full range of invaluable data for their project.Learn more