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With an acclaimed background of high end professional photography services, the Monster Aerial team never fail to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. We’re always thinking of new uses and applications for aerial photography using UAV’s, but here are just a few of our most common!

Rail & Construction

​We bring years of experience in providing professional photography services to the rail and construction industries. The ways in which we’re using our aerial systems within these sectors is massively varied and is proving to be an extremely beneficial and cost effective solution. 


Corporate Promotion

What better way to develop brand awareness to promote your company and services. Wether its on your website or part of a presentation, the work we produce and the clients that trust us show just how much of an impact our aerial images can have.  

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Yet another sector in which the Monster Aerial team exhibit vast experience. Our aerial photography and our UAV’s in general, are opening new doors to agriculture and farming for both promotional and operational purposes.

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Big summer festivals and world sporting events alike; there’s no better way to show the true scale of these huge outdoor spectacles than some Monster Aerial photography.

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Property Marketing

Commercial, private or listed; our aerial photography will show off your property like nothing else. We use the best professional DSLR camera equipment to capture stunning images of properties the length and breadth of the country.  

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There is no better way to capture iconic images that will unveil whole new perspectives. We fly the highest resolution cameras available, allowing any image to be displayed on the side of a truck or a huge city billboard.


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