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Giving a cost effective and flexible view for industrial and civil projects in areas which in the past were very labour intensive, not only cutting costs but also reducing risk. Using ultra high resolution video and photography together with sophisticated mapping techniques we are able to deliver a detailed survey for any application. We can provide geo-referenced orthomosaic images and topographical 3D models as well as standard high resolution images and video to give our clients a full range of invaluable data for their project.
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Topographical Analysis

​Utilising UAVs to collect 3D coordinated data creates graphical representations of the surface features, indicating their relative position and height. We provide surveys with minute levels of detail which are related to any grid co-ordinates required. They show natural and man-made features such as roads, buildings, trees and boundaries. All significant features such as levels and contours can be displayed and typical outputs are AutoCAD DWG/DXF or Acrobat PDF. 

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The Monster Aerial LiDAR platforms combine the latest UAV, LiDAR and INS technology into a cost effective, accurate and safe mapping solution. The sensor platform can be guided effortlessly through complex terrain and urban architecture. Alternatively, navigation can be pre-programmed using waypoints, eliminating the need for manual control by a pilot. The resulting point cloud can be imported in various software packages and used to measure distances, surfaces and volumes, reconstruct 3d models, plan maintenance work, compare against previous scans etc.

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Distance & Area Measurements

​​Using advanced image capture techniques, we’re able to produce ultra high resolution, highly accurate geo-referenced orthomosaic images. These can be used to precisely calculate distance and area measurements which can be overlaid on mapping applications such as google earth.


Volume Calculation

​Earthworks form a significant part of any construction project so it is imperative to have accurate costings before and during the process. By comparing design information to existing and proposed land formations, earthwork calculations can enable accurate costings to be made. Volume surveys can be carried out on stockpiles, open excavations and backfilled areas to give quantities of cut or fill and also to show land deformation.

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High Detail Inspection

​Using the highest resolution cameras available today, we’re able to inspect buildings & structures in minute detail. We can get to areas otherwise inaccessible without the cost and risk involved with scaffolding or cherry pickers.


Forestry & Agriculture

​The ability to monitor crop development and forestry changes is crucial for management. We provide a cost effective solution to monitoring through our UAV’s which allows more frequent updates to be obtained without excessive spend. The ability to choose the time of observation is also important in agricultural applications, and particularly for deriving suitable information to support crop yield prediction. Typical applications include soil analysis, tree growth and crop analysis.


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